Diana Butler Bass, Ph.D., is an award-winning author, popular speaker, inspiring preacher, and one of America’s most trusted commentators on religion and contemporary spirituality.

She is a frequent guest on podcasts and her events are often recorded. Here are some selected media appearances and other recordings.


Mary The Tower

The viral sermon preached by Diana at the Wild Goose Festival 2022.

Breakfast on Caesar

Wild Goose Festival 2019.
Homebrewed Christianity: Welcome to the Post-Christian Century. A conversation with Tripp Fuller and Bill Leonard
This episode features a tricky but needed conversation on the changing shape of American religion. It is so much fun!
Christianity and Its Future
Diana Butler Bass with Elizabeth Schrader Polczer.
Freeing Jesus
Faith Formation Lecture for The Riverside Church, New York City.
Jesus the Ingrate: The Subversive Power of Gratitude
In her TheoEd Talk, Diana explores how cultivating lives of gratitude can help us more deeply experience the transformative and subversive reign of God in our lives and in this world.
For two decades, the name Diana Butler Bass has been synonymous with innovative, thought provoking, spiritually grounded and accessible writing about religion and spirituality in America in all its complexities. I am proud to say that I have known Diana for most of that time and found her persistently with fresh takes and wonderfully inspiring insight that has kept me excited and hopeful about the possibilities of faith in America. American religion is richer for her many contributions.
- Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, President, Interfaith Alliance; founder and former executive editor of Huffington Post Religion


Red Letter Christians Podcast: Freeing Jesus
A Conversation with Shane Claiborne.
The Growing Edge Podcast with Carrie Newcomer and Parker Palmer
Diana talks about her history as a person of faith, the challenges for woman in theological settings, her writing and work with “The Cottage” as an ongoing exploration what it means to live a life of revolutionary love.
For the Love with Jen Hatmaker
A conversation with Diana and Jen Hatmaker.
The RobCast
Diana discusses Grounded with Rob Bell.

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